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Real Estate Broker LOVES Phill Grove’s Real Estate Coaching & Mentoring – Esmeralda Lira

Real Estate Broker LOVES Phill Grove’s Real Estate Coaching & Mentoring – Esmeralda Lira June 3, 2011Leave a comment

Video Transcript:

Esmeralda: Hi! My name’s Esmeralda Lira and I’m a real estate broker/investor here in Austin, Texas and I am one of Phill’s earlier students. About a year and a half ago, I started training with Phill on the mortgage assignment. The concept was new and I ran with it. I like it, I love it, and now, actually, my partner and I are going to buy a real estate franchise and we’re going to implement the mortgage assignment system within our brokerage cause I honestly think this is going to be very useful for everyone here in Texas, as well as nationwide. And there’s a lot of realtors out there that need to know this concept really works. It’s worked for me and it’s worked for a lot of sellers and buyers and so it’s a win-win situation for everyone. I’m also going to give copies of some recent checks to Phill to post up, because they’re new checks, they’re very fresh and they’re very good. They made for a very Christmas.

Q: How many deals do you do a month?

Esmeralda: Well they do take a lot of time because when you get a seller, you have to market the property and get some buyers so that’s where the team concept is coming in, to build a team. So about three, three a month is the average, for me. You can definitely do a lot more, however I’ve got a lot of other things going on, so building a brokerage takes time as well.

Q: Can you tell us about REI Matcher?

Esmeralda: REI Matcher is actually a very very cool tool. When you get a property you put the property in there. I like dealing with sellers, I do show some properties depending on the case but I do like REI Matcher because you load your property on there and the people who are working with buyers will bring you a buyer so it’s easy and sometimes you can get ten to 30 matches, like yesterday I put one in there and I got 30 matches, so hopefully one of those will come buy the house.

Q: How are you enjoying this training?

Esmeralda: His workshop is very good because Phill is a systems guy. They work very well. There’s still a lot of details in the mortgage assignment that he puts in the details, so the workshop is good.

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