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Phill Grove’s Big Dog Program Testimonial Shane

Phill Grove’s Big Dog Program Testimonial Shane June 24, 2014Leave a comment

Video transcript:

Hi, my name is Shane and I’m from the Seattle area and I spent 20 years in Corporate America and was downsized twice and I was looking for a way to become my own boss and be able to not have someone else dictate their terms to me, when I have a job when I don’t have a job, that sort of thing. And I looked a number of different venues and real estate is hands down the best avenue for me to pursue.

The reason why I joined the Big Dog Program was because it gave me what I was looking for in terms of like an intensive hands-on training and how to transition from what I was doing previously into Real Estate full time. Some of the things that I’ve learned in this program and why anyone considering this program should take this course because what you learn in in Real Estate, the most important things are number one, is marketing and number two is your network. And the program itself focuses a lot of time and energy on developing those and the skills you need to be successful in Real Estate investing. I could not endorse this product any higher. I think it’s been a fantastic program. I’m recommending it to friends and family and anyone I know that’s trying to transition into real estate from Corporate America.

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