Mentorship Real Estate Investors Association Success Stories Video Review

Phill Grove Review

Video transcript:

Alright hello, my name is Jake Michaels and I just wanted to leave a brief review about Phill Grove and his wife Shenoah Grove.

My wife and I live in South Korea and we contacted Phill beforehand to let him know that we were coming over to Austin to look at some investing over there. I had bought some of Phill’s training and I had really wanted to go over there and learn something directly from him, as well as some other investors that he might recommend. And as busy as Phill and Shenoah are, they graciously invited us to their house to talk with them for some time, for a couple hours. And they also gave some different advice, invited us to a shadowing class that they had one weekend so we could follow with some of their investors at an investor’s house. It really helped out a lot and it also helped with the recommendations of other investors that I could work with.

So we were over in Austin for just about three weeks trying to make a deal on a property in a short timespan and partially thanks to Phill and Shenoah and their good advice and the people that they recommended that we work with, we were able to successfully close one deal in that timeframe. So, I just wanted to leave this video as a bit of thanks to Phill and Shenoah for their help and I just want to let everyone know that overall, Phill and Shenoah, they run the local networking club REIA in Austin, and are just very good people to know and to work with and I just want to thank them.

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