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Phill Grove Review – Real Estate Investment Instructor

Phill Grove Review – Real Estate Investment Instructor February 28, 2018Leave a comment

Video transcript:

John Leyendecker (Inner Circle Member): I would recommend Phill and Shenoah’s training and joining their Big Dog group. Number one the training is awesome, but number 2–which I value the most–is their network and the reason being, I found about 50 percent of my deals in this network and the majority of my funding.

Allen Doss (Inner Circle Member): I’ve been in commercial real estate for 28 years and retired about eight years ago and then three years ago, my financial advisor said I needed to die or go back to work! Then I looked around and I found Phill and Shenoah. I knew I needed some help and man they’ve given it to us in ways that far exceeded our expectations. When I found out I needed to go back to work, I started looking around and I found Phill and Shenoah from their advertising on the radio. I think we may have seen something on Facebook as well. But we found them on the radio and went to one of their Big Live Events, and it became obvious to us that we needed to know what they had and boy they are brilliant! We shopped around, my wife and I shopped around. There’s no one else that has the knowledge they have, that’s willing to share the knowledge they have in a loving and helpful way, the way that Phill and Shenoah do. I can’t say enough about them.

Greg McGee (Inner Circle Member): I first came to the REIA and Phill was speaking and he was presenting some topics that were really interesting. So we signed up and when we went to the VIP event, we got to meet Phill and Shenoah, that first day and way that they ran the VIP side of things was really interesting. A lot of information exchanged in the very first day and very valuable.

Buddy Henderson (Inner Circle Member): Hi. My name is Buddy Henderson and I’ve been coming to the Real Estate Networking Club (RENC) for about six or seven years. I met Phill and Shenoah back in 2009. Group of awesome people. They really let you understand what real estate can do for you and I have become very successful in the group. The reason you come here is you get to meet a lot of interesting people, like minded. You can find deal and you can sell deal if you have some that are not working in your portfolio.

Marcia Back (Inner Circle Member): Hi, my name is Marcia Back and I met Phill and Shenoah at the meeting about a year ago and it was wonderful. We became Inner Circle members, we became Big Dogs and we’ve had more opportunities than we’ve ever had. Right now, I think, between my husband and I, we consider the Big Dogs as our family. We find a lot of deals that way, we find a lot of people that will help us and partner with us, and I’m just happy that I made it here a year ago and became a part of the Big Dog family. We did a deal that closed in November and we were able to pick up the phone, email. We always had someone to go to and Phill and Shenoah were always behind it. They hooked us up with contractors, they hooked us up with people and just gave us advice to what we were doing right and what we were doing wrong. So it was just very helpful to be able to have mentors that helped us all the time.

Kimberly Burgan (Inner Circle Member): I just have to tell you that this is the piece that has really moved me forward. Being a part of the Inner Circle has given me this awesome networking opportunity that has been the thing that pushed me forward in my real estate investing journey. I’m so grateful and just really looking forward to continued networking and opportunities with other people here in this market and outside of the market as well.

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