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Investor Gets Candid About His Opinion of Phill Grove

Investor Gets Candid About His Opinion of Phill Grove July 1, 2010Leave a comment

Video transcript:

Danny Lynn: Alright, hi, I’m Danny Lynn and you have heard my story plenty of times so today I’m here with Billy and he has taken a RE-evolution training with Phill and Shenoah, so Billy, why don’t you tell us a little about your story. How did you meet Phill and Shenoah and how did you get involved with the training?

Billy: Well, I was taking another training at the time and one of their suggestions was to get involved with the local investor club and I joined the RENC and that’s where I met Phill and after the meeting I stayed behind and talked to him and he explained about this mentorship program and we went to lunch and he explained everything

Danny Lynn: Fantastic and have you had any other training? Did you do any research regarding the training courses or who you might work with or study under?

Billy: Well, I had been in another training course and they were teaching me the basics of real estate investing and I went out and look at some properties and had some offers to put in on deals but it was nothing like how it took off when I started working with Phill and Shenoah.

Danny Lynn: Okay, so on that note, of the entire training, and the programs that you’ve done with Phill and Shenoah so far, what do you think is the most valuable?

Billy: They are so hands on. They really get involved with you, I mean, all four deals that I’ve done, they’ve met me at the property, they’ve brought contracts, they’ve evaluated, they’ve talked repairs, they’ve talked to the seller and they’ve just led me in the right way to get the deal closed.

Danny Lynn: Awesome. Okay, so the reason that we’re standing out here right now is that this is one of the deals that Billy just got under contract, so I’m going to let him tell you a little bit about it because it’s a pretty sweet one!

Billy: Well, the house has an ARV of $200,000 and we got it for $100,000. It needs about $40,000 in repairs and Phill and Shenoah met us here that night, evaluated the repairs and talked to the guy and when we left, they got on the phone with me right away to tell me exactly what I needed to do to convince the guy that we were his best option.

Danny Lynn: Awesome. And you’re going to close on this one…?

Billy: We’re going to close on this one on Friday, we hope. We’re waiting to get the payoffs on the guy’s liens. We will have it closed within the next couple of days.

Danny Lynn: And is this your first fix and flip or have you done fix and flips with Phill and Shenoah before?

Billy: I’ve done one fix and flip before and I’ve done two wholesales.

Danny Lynn: When was your first deal?

Billy: I did my first deal with them the first week I was signed up for their class.

Danny Lynn: No kidding!

Billy: Yeah!

Danny Lynn: Okay, tell us about that one!

Billy: I actually did it backwards. I signed up for the leadership program and then went to the weekend seminar where I caught Phill and Shenoah and I said “how can I get a deal this week?” and Shenoah told me “You have to go out and do door knocking.” And she explained to me exactly how to do it and that’s what I did and three days later after door knocking, I had my first lead and that was my first fix and flip.

Danny Lynn: Wow! That’s awesome! How much money did you make off that first fix and flip?

Billy: We made a profit of $22,000.

Danny Lynn: Sweet! How many times have you had phone conversations and gotten enough information from Phill and Shenoah to go out there and get a deal done?

Billy: I actually went and looked at a property in Dallas and while I was going through it, I didn’t feel comfortable with the amount of repairs that the owner said it needed so I called Phill on the phone and he walked me through the whole house telling me what to look for and I was explaining what the repairs were and he let me know that he thought the dial was too low too on repairs.

Danny Lynn: So in other words, when you’re partnering with Phill, he’s always there for us, he’s been fantastic and it can be done over the phone which I think is important for you guys to know since you are in different states. So Billy, is there anything else you would like to let us know about Phill and Shenoah and their training program that you think is valuable for other people to know?

Billy: What I can say is, what they put out on their seminars and what they tell you they will do, they do it. There’s no hiding away or anything. They do everything they say they are going to do.

Danny Lynn: And I concur with that 100 percent. So, thank you Billy, very much for your time today and thank you guys, I hope you found this valuable and we will talk to you again soon!

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