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Dallas Real Estate Investment Seminar – How to Attend For Free

Dallas Real Estate Investment Seminar – How to Attend For Free March 29, 2018Leave a comment

Video transcript:

Shenoah Grove (Founder) – The Real Estate Investor Association (REIA) is a great place to get market updates to meet other investors who are doing exactly what you are looking to do. To build out your power team with people who have been vetted by the Real Estate Investor Association, to find deals, to get knowledge, to get information to become a successful real estate investor. This is a great place, not just for the experienced veterans who’ve been doing it for a long time but also for the beginners who just want to get basic level information to find out what path they should go on to start their real estate investing career.

John Leyendecker (REIA Member) – Hi I’m John Leyendecker. I’ve been coming to these real estate meetings since 2013 about five years now and the value that I find in them is number one is the education that’s taught here but also, I’ve partnered with people that I’ve met at these meetings and I’ve also bought deals from people in these meetings.

Alan Doss (REIA Member) – Even though my experience was commercial real estate I knew nothing about residential real estate, so I was like a beginner even though I had 28 years of experience. So I know that I needed help so that’s where whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you have to learn from the pros. These folks are pros, they are sharing, they have integrity, and everything here is about helping you get ahead and win.

Greg McGee (REIA Member) – Hi I’m Greg McGee. My wife and I have been coming to the REIA here for about a year and a half. We actually came as a recommendation from another investment program where they said, go check out the local REIA. You don’t have to know it all, you just have to know somebody that knows. And that’s the big thing that this network provides is access to those people that know.

Buddy Henderson (REIA Member) – I’ve been coming to the Real Estate Networking Club since 2010. This club really helps you meet people, lets you learn a lot of the ways that you can find value investing in real estate, and it gets you a network where you can find any of the information that you need. It really helps you get connected with the area and it also helps you find deals.

Marcia Back (REIA Member) – Hi, my name is Marcia Back and about a year ago I came to this meeting, the real estate investment meeting and after going to several other meetings, I realized that this was the real deal. My husband and I have been investing or trying to find the right group for a while and we got to the meeting and were thrilled that we found so many great people here. We found ways to network and ways to make our deals better deals and people that would help us all the time.

Kimberly Burgan (REIA Member) – Hi, I’m Kimberly Burgan. I’ve been coming to the Real Estate Investment Association for the last year now and it has been a spectacular experience. I’ve had the opportunity to network with so many individuals here in my area which has created this great opportunity for me to learn the market and excel in what I’m doing on this journey.

Shenoah Grove (Founder) – We’d love for you to join us at the Dallas Real Estate Investor Association. We have so many people here to help and support you. We have dozens of vendors, we do a market update every single month, and we do a presentation to help you guys get your footing as new investors so that you can create a roadmap for success here in this local market in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Click on the link below ( to get registered for our next meeting. We typically have hundreds of real estate investors there, so please register quickly before we run out of room and before we run out of tickets.

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