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Crazy Real Estate Investment Testimonial | Phill Grove Real Estate Investment

Crazy Real Estate Investment Testimonial | Phill Grove Real Estate Investment September 27, 2011Leave a comment

Video transcript:

Hi everybody. Phill Grove here and I’m here to share a pretty crazy story with you, it’s an email I just got and it’s a pretty crazy story cause it’s a success story, a testimonial, it’s someone who watched my free training series and he’s not even one of my students but here’s what he said. He said, “Dear Phill, we were insolvent and if weren’t for settling my first AMPS deal, which I settled in just seven days, we wouldn’t even have utilities for which to send this message.” Then he goes on to say, “we made $24,750 using just what we learned in your free AMPS video series.” And his name is David, I’m not going to read his full name. And then he says, “PS, I’m ready for the next one, keep your emails coming.”

So, wow, this is a very interesting story. Now I will say this is not a very normal result. Most people don’t make that much money, especially on their first deal, but I do really appreciate that David took action. He had a necessity to take action, and he watched my free videos series and he learned from it and he took action and the action that he took made him a bunch of money that was very timely in his situation. So would you like to watch this free video series?

You know, I have to tell you, even though this story is not typical, I am getting stories from students on a regular basis, literally every day, sometimes three times a day, we have people all across the USA and even in other countries closing these AMPS deals. I’ve never seen anything like it. And I don’t even have visibility. I don’t know what everybody out there is doing. I don’t know how many deals are closing, those are just the ones that I know about and there’s probably lots that I don’t know about. You know I hear about those sometimes when somebody sends me an email or something.

But somehow out of the greatest crash in the history of real estate has come out of that maybe  the most successful investment strategies of all time. The stars have aligned in a very unique way. You know, it is a very unique market we’re in. Lending is very difficult to get. There’s lots of people who want to buy but can’t get loans and we have come up with a way of giving loans to all the people that want loans and that’s what AMPS is all about. So if you’d like to watch the same free video training series that David watched that got him his first deal, click on down below and join us. You might even make a lot of money like David and a lot of other students along the way.

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