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Residential Real Estate Seminar Evaluation – Pete Nelson

Residential Real Estate Seminar Evaluation – Pete Nelson November 13, 2016Leave a comment

Phill Grove Event Review Questionnaire Responses

In your own words, please tell us what you thought of the workshop:

I truly enjoyed the event. There was lots of good information and learned many new strategies I haven’t used.

After taking the class, do you feel like you have new tools to make money in real estate?

Absolutely. Great workshop! Phill you did a wonderful job so glad I attended. Sorry Shenoah but I have a man crush on Phill 🙂

What did you find MOST valuable in the training?

Examples of past experiences and professional development. Phill I would love to have you teach a class to my workmates.

How did this class compare to any other class you’ve taken?

Best Real estate course I have ever taken. Thank you!

What suggestions do you have for improvement?

I know time is limited but I am glad I didn’t miss any part of presentation listening to the sales pitch.






Presenters (Overall)


Phill Grove


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Overall Event


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