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Phill Grove Weekend Workshop Review – William Lilly

Phill Grove Weekend Workshop Review – William Lilly May 14, 2017Leave a comment

Phill Grove Event Review Questionnaire Responses

In your own words, please tell us what you thought of the workshop:

Fantastic outline of the real estate industry and what the career looks like as an investor. Great.

After taking the class, do you feel like you have new tools to make money in real estate?

Some but too much information received all at once. Like drinking from a firehose. Great summary or outline but not enough details on each topic. Understandable – can only cover so much in 3 days. Still, I’m incredibly excited to seek coaching on how to cross the t’s and dot the i’s of understanding.

What did you find MOST valuable in the training?

Networking and ideas for business from certain information at times during the seminar, and a belief system that I can change and accomplish my dreams with real estate investing as my vehicle and an awareness of how important continuing education in any business is.

How did this class compare to any other class you’ve taken?

Never took another real estate class, but have taken dozens of educational course programs and this one had more nuts and bolts than the rest.

What suggestions do you have for improvement?

Creative financing solution to be a “big dog” for those with no way to pay 50K but have strong will, desire, and business accumen. Options to pay out of deals brought to the task maybe?






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