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Online Event Review by Shenikwa Simmons

Online Event Review by Shenikwa Simmons July 26, 2020Leave a comment

Phill Grove Event Review Questionnaire Responses

In your own words, please tell us what you thought of the workshop:

It was totally amazing.

After taking the training, do you feel like you have new tools to make money in real estate?

I’m still a little nervous. I think after completing a few deals I’ll be more confident.

After taking the class, do you feel like you have new tools to make money in real estate?


Select all that you loved

Everything was valuable. I’ve never invested in real estate before, so, anything that will help me not make mistakes is valuable to me.

How did this training compare to any other training(s) you’ve taken?

This class need not even be compared. This was filet mignon, and the other was the scraps left after butchering the cow.

What suggestions do you have for improvement?

I appreciate that this class was offered for free. The only improvement I would like to see is maybe a manual with all of the information that Phill shared. Especially for those of us who don’t have the money to join the Big Dog group right now.

Rating Comments:

Content: Simply the best. I’ve attended seminars in the past, and didn’t learn anything as close to what I learned here.
Presentation: Very thorough, and informative.
Presenters (Overall): It was great to hear everyone’s backstory. It inspired me to know that it’s hope for me.
Phill Grove: If I could’ve sat at his feet I would’ve have. He offers a wealth of knowledge that I couldn’t fully absorb all of it.
Expectations Met: My expectations were far exceeded. Such a wealth of knowledge shared.
Overall Event:






Presenters (Overall)


Phill Grove


Expectations Met


Overall Event


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