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John E. Evaluates Weekend Workshop

John E. Evaluates Weekend Workshop August 28, 2016Leave a comment

Phill Grove Event Review Questionnaire Responses

In your own words, please tell us what you thought of the workshop:

It was way over the top! I’ve been a small property owner since the 1990’s and always thought I was a landlord. I hoped to become a real estate investor. I could out I am one!

After taking the class, do you feel like you have new tools to make money in real estate?

Yes, absolutely – I had no idea there could be more than fix it up and rent it.

What did you find MOST valuable in the training?

The cohesive assembly of the components and elements that made up the package. The way things were put together, I saw a new world.

How did this class compare to any other class you’ve taken?

My wife and I did one I think in 2007-2008 – this one was much, much better and actually taught me something.

What suggestions do you have for improvement?

I would have liked the option to buy or get some written material like a book or pack.






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