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John Adams Real Estate Weekend Workshop Review

John Adams Real Estate Weekend Workshop Review May 14, 2017Leave a comment

Phill Grove Event Review Questionnaire Responses

In your own words, please tell us what you thought of the workshop:

Great detail, like the multi facet explanations. Would have liked more site examples on bus trip.

After taking the class, do you feel like you have new tools to make money in real estate?

Believe we have been given the road map, now time to set the trip plans in motion.

What did you find MOST valuable in the training?

Detailed explanations of nuances, bad deal avoidance, subject-to, wraps, the MOA formula.

How did this class compare to any other class you’ve taken?

Showed multiple ways to help property owners achieve what they need to sell their property in least painful method available. Win-win with options (not a 1 trick pony method)

What suggestions do you have for improvement?

Break down group into working groups to get hands on , real tool demos, anatomy of a live deal negotiation?






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