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Big Dog Success Story – Allen & Susan Doss

Big Dog Success Story – Allen & Susan Doss September 2, 2019Leave a comment
  • Allen DossJoined Apr’16
  • Background: Investor
  • First Deal in 5 months
  • First Deal profit $10-20K
  • Deals Completed Through Sep’19 – >10
  • Profit made Through Sep’19 – >$100-200K
  • Increase in Net Worth/Equity – $500K+
  • Focus/Strategies – Fix/Flip, Wholesaling
  • Worked with other members – Yes – “Funding, Partnering, Insurance, Attorney, Network, etc”
  • When asked about the Group

DO IT! The reason most real estate investors don’t make it big is “MINDSET”. They’ve not been exposed to the tools, methods, strategies, mentoring, ecosystem and network they will be force fed in the group. You will THINK BIG, ACT BIG, GO BIG, BE BIG. If you don’t – look around you. It’s you and not the program. My golf analogy is, “once one joins the Group “Country Club” you’ll never have to play the municipal course again.” 🏑😉

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