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Big Dog Success Story – Adrian and Cheryl Carrillo

Big Dog Success Story – Adrian and Cheryl Carrillo October 8, 2019Leave a comment
  • Joined Sept’18
  • Background: Investor
  • First Deal in 2 months
  • First Deal profit $0-10K
  • Deals Completed Through Sep’19 – >10+
  • Profit made Through Sep’19 – >$100-200k
  • Increase in Net Worth/Equity – $0-20k
  • Focus/Strategies – Fix/Flip, Wrap, SF, Partnering, Lending, Wholesale, Buy/Hold
  • When asked about the Group:

You won’t find a better network of honest, helpful, compassionate people to help you grow your business. I’ve made friends and business partners with this group. I’ve had experienced people lend a hand and give advice and gain nothing monetary out of it! We all just want to help each other become successful. This group has a family feel to it. I love it!!! Everything you need is here from insurance, lending, marketing, coaching, construction, EVERYTHING!! You don’t even have to know what to do. There is just so much support from the founders to our main insurance guy!! He and another BD advised me to sell my note for 26K more than I was planning!!! This group has changed my life completely. My wife and I were teachers making about 110K annually and we passed that in March!! It’s not really about the money though. I enjoy doing what I love. I get to still help people and have more time to spend with my family. I just happen to make a HELL-A-VA lot more money now! I also get to give back to communities and help refugees coming to America, which is a big deal to me.

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