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Big Dog Success Profile – Nancy Wallace-Laabs and Brian Laabs

Big Dog Success Profile – Nancy Wallace-Laabs and Brian Laabs October 8, 2019Leave a comment
  • Joined Nov’16
  • Background: Investor
  • First Deal in 4 months
  • First Deal profit $80-90K
  • Deals Completed Through Sep’19 – >10+
  • Profit made Through Sep’19 – >$200-500K
  • Increase in Net Worth/Equity – $200-500K+
  • Focus/Strategies – Fix/flip, lending/wholesale/wrap/buy and hold/referrals
  • Worked with other members – Yes – Funding, Partnering, Realtor/Listing Service, Wholesaling, Using their network/resources/contractor/etc, Network, Contractors, Buying or selling leads, Closing/Contracting (Getting it under contract)
  • When asked about the Group:

It’s not for everyone, but if you are willing to put the work in, follow the strategies, be consistent you will find deals that make you money. The network alone gives you opportunity, leverage and ability to grow as a successful real estate investor. We would not have achieved all that we have without the guidance, knowledge and wisdom of our Big Dog family. Shenoah and Phill have built an amazing group if you are looking to learn and grow to be a successful real estate investor

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