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Big Dog Profile – Ryan and Rae Lancon

Big Dog Profile – Ryan and Rae Lancon October 11, 2019Leave a comment
  • Joined May’17
  • Background: Investor
  • First Deal in 1 month
  • First Deal profit $60-70k
  • Deals Completed Through Sep’19 – >10+
  • Profit made Through Sep’19 – >$200-500K
  • Increase in Net Worth/Equity – $100-200K+
  • Focus/Strategies – Fix/flip, wholesale, wrap, buy hold, equity partnering, short sale
  • Worked with other members – Yes – Coached the whole time by The Shenoah Grove
  • When asked about the Group:

The training by itself is worth the money and the network by itself is worth the money and you get it for one price. The wealth of knowledge that is given to us by Shenoah and Phil and other coaches are outstanding and propelled our financial future by decades. Having the access to our coaches to ask questions and review deals is the greatest asset and has made a world of difference in my confidence and knowledge. On my first deal I wanted to wholesale it for $5,000 but after talking through the deal with Shenoah she talked me through the option that is currently paying me $550 per month passively and have equity in the house at $65,000+ and all my money is out of the deal!! Our per flip profit immediately tripled and we have several different ways we now can buy and sell to where we never get stuck or have to sell due to panic that way we always get the best deals and most money. After being in the program for two years there is no doubt in my mind that this was the best decision of my life and my families life!

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