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Big Dog Investor Success Profile – Lea and Agim Zeqiri

Big Dog Investor Success Profile – Lea and Agim Zeqiri September 2, 2019Leave a comment
  • Joined Jan ‘15
  • Background: Investor
  • First Deal in 1 month
  • First Deal profit $10-20K
  • Deals Completed Through Sep’19 – >10+
  • Profit made Through Sep’19 – >$500k+
  • Increase in Net Worth/Equity – $200-500K+
    Focus/Strategies – Fix/Flip, Wholesale, Buy/Hold, Single Family, Equity Partnering, Short Sale, some Rehab Lending, Listing Referrals
  • Worked with other members – Yes – Funding, Partnering, Insurance, Realtor/Listing Service, Wholesaling, Network, Buying or selling leads, Closing/Contracting (Getting it under contract)
  • When asked about the Group:

We were flipping houses before we joined Big Dog, but we weren’t doing it right. Nor, did we have any chance of scaling our business despite doing it for more than 14 years. We were stuck in a never ending cycle of buying a house, fixing a house and flipping a house, one at a time. We hadn’t picked up a buy and hold in over four years when we joined. But, “Sub To” replaced the strategy that was no longer allowed in TX, opening up an avenue for us to pick up more rentals. Prior to joining we had only used our own money, then life happened and we didn’t have it. We were not even going to be able to continue as we had been. The training from Big Dog is so valuable, but the network, the people in the room, is incalculable. Before we flipped one house, sometimes if the house was small (economical), two at a time. Now, we keep our pipeline running 15 flips at a time. Our son has come on full time for the past two years and our daughter is helping in some of the homes on a design basis. We don’t like to brag or toot our own horns, but our lives have changed. Prior to Big Dog we worked hard, we still do. Prior to joining, we had always made travel a priority, one good trip per year. Now, we make one great trip per quarter a priority. Everyone has their why, ours is family. Big Dog has allowed us the opportunity to keep our kids (grown) and our granddaughter actively in our lives.

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