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Big Dog Investor Profile – Dr. Andrelyn Moss

Big Dog Investor Profile – Dr. Andrelyn Moss October 6, 2019Leave a comment
  • Joined Nov’18
  • Background: Business Owner
  • First Deal in 6 months
  • First Deal profit $10K
  • Deals Completed Through Sep’19 – >6
  • Profit made Through Sep’19 – >$50-100K
  • Focus/Strategies – Wholesaling & Fix/Flip
  • Worked with other members – Yes – “Partnering, Insurance, Attorney, & More”
  • When asked about the Group:

My questions for anyone considering the Big Dog Program are…1) Are you serious about doing what is “required” to secure your future in real estate? 2) Are you dedicated in moving your business to the next level? If your answer is “YES!” to both questions, then I highly recommend that you take action and join the group now! Why? Phill and Shenoah provide detail training on proven methodology, strategies and instructions on how to succeed in your Real Estate business. However, in order for you to maximize your benefits, you MUST take the learn and earn approach and be willing to leave your comfort zone and take action before you know everything about real estate. You MUST be coachable and be consistent in doing something everyday toward your business objectives. You MUST roll your sleeves up and work long and hard, make sacrifices, condition your mind for abundance, be willing to make mistakes. And most importantly believe in yourself and your undiscovered capabilities. And most importantly, know that your dreams will come true. How? This program can help you jump start your real estate business as it offers you business structuring ideas, websites, mentoring, coaching, resources, business partnering opportunities and enormous amount of information that anyone on any level in the Real Estate business can use to scale their real estate business quickly – with hard work, of course. This program does not provide “the” magic wand that mysteriously adds properties to your portfolio, but it definitely provides the secret sauce that you can use to set your business up for success. In summary, implementing the strategies presented in this program is not easy, but definitely helps skyrocket your success as a Real Estate professional.

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